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Chuck Short Rib BBQ Cut (0.5 lb x 4)

1 Pound
    • Chuck Short Rib - Located in the chuck primal cut of beef, which comes from the shoulder area of Wagyu beef.


    • Culinary Applications - Roast Beef, Barbeque Cuts, Katsu


    • Popular choice for various recipes - Chuck short ribs are known for their rich, beefy flavor and are a well-regarded cut for braising and cooking in various recipes to enhance their taste and tenderness.


    • Hand-cut and Freshness ensured - Our products are hand-cut, vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen to ensure their highest quality and freshness.


    • All A5 Japanese Wagyu beef - Our products are sourced from Japan, where Wagyu cattle are raised on a strict diet and exercise regimen.
    • Our order-cut-off time: 8am Mon - Thu
    • Shipping out: On the same day of the order-cut-off
    • Arriving: On the next day before the end of the day, by FedEx Standard Overnight
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